Local Weather Services - Trinidad & Tobago

Weather Data
How to Use
24 Hour - Visible
WINDY product shows color map of clouds; white are mostly fair weather and gray are rain; expandable.
Just open and read; other data available, too.
Satellite - Infared
Shows intensity of clouds and rain with white, red, yellow heavy showers. Blue-green light showers/overcast. Dark gray areas are clear skies. After image opens locate Trinidad and click there for enlargement (zooms in).
Satellite - Visible Shows satellite photos of cloud tops (white) and clear areas in gray. Only visible during daylight hours. Same as above. NASA
Every 15 minutes the radar is refreshed  and is the best to view surface weather out to 150 kms from the center of Trinidad.  Uses same rain color scheme as INFARED satellite above.
Click on link
150 km

Weather Map
Surface map shows Highs & Lows for the tropical Atlantic region.  Look for Tropical Waves from east and Intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) as rain makers when close to Trinidad.
Click on map to enlarge.
Wind Direction
This map shows both wind direction and speed in miles  per hour for various points.
Click on link, you can zoom in and out.

How to use the above links with a tutorial video:  SCREENCAST